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Brake & Wheel End

  • Air Dryer Cartridge
    Air Dryer Cartridge


    Features and Benefits:

    • New product (not remanufactured)
    • Prevents contamination, moisture and corrosion in the air system
    • Extended desiccant cartridge life
    • Spin-on cartridge allows for convenient, easy replacement and reduced downtime


    Features and Benefits:

    • Product is equivalent in performance and quality when compared to new part
    • Clean air helps prevent freeze-ups and prolongs the life of the air system components Environmentally friendly, recycling of desiccant cartridge prevents oil soaked material from being disposed in the environment
  • Spring Brakes & Chambers
    Brake Chambers

    Alliance brake chambers are designed to provide years of safe, dependable operation for service, parking or emergency braking applications.

    These spring brakes and service chambers feature rugged construction, heavy-gauge housings and steel components to reduce corrosion and potential equipment failure.

  • Brake Shoe Kits
    Brake Shoe Kits

    Brake Shoe Kits are crucial components in a truck’s braking system. To deliver the most reliable performance and longevity, a Brake Shoe Kit must be manufactured to OE quality standards. The shoe must have the precise carbon content in steel to deliver adequate stiffness. A top Brake Lining must have the best balance between braking response and wear. When a Brake Shoe Kit is manufactured under a level 3 PPAP, it is equivalent to OE production, guaranteeing the same level of quality. The Alliance Brake Shoe Kits are PPAPed to OE specs.

  • G-Barrier Grease Seal
    Brake Shoe Kits

    Prevent harmful contaminants from entering the wheel end with this G-Barrier Seal, which is specifically designed for grease trailer axles. Packaging includes grease seal installation.