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Cleaning Products & Accessories

  • Prime Truck Wash

    PRIME TRUCK WASH can be safely used to clean paintwork, chrome, rubber, windscreens, fibreglass, aluminium, tarpaulins, vinyl and most washable surfaces. PRIME TRUCK WASH will not fade painted surfaces, and its free-rinsing characteristics will not cause streaking.

  • Accessories

    Keep your vehicle looking its best at all times with a quality range of cleaning products and accessories by Alliance Truck Parts. These products will assist in getting rid of the dirt, grime, sand and dust that builds up on your vehicle whilst driving - keeping your vehicle shiny and clean.

  • Cleaning Cloths 10kg

    This 10kg bag of cleaning cloths is made from quality recycled t-shirt material - great for soaking up oils, grease and other liquids.


    Feature includes:

    • Quality recycled product – (coloured T-shirt)
    • Multi-purpose application
    • Clean & safe
    • Cut to convenient size
    • Ready to use
    • Screened for metal objects