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Lubricants & Coolant

  • Alliance Oil & Grease
    Alliance Oil & Grease

    The high Performance Partner for Modern Diesel Engines.

    The right oil protects your engine and prolongs its life. It can also improve performance and help you save on fuel and maintenance costs over the life of the vehicle.

    The range of high performance Alliance oils are specially formulated for a variety of engine applications across heavy and light duty performance from US, Japanese and European manufacturers, making it the affordable and smart choice for your commercial vehicle. Browse the range to select the right oil for your use.


    Which oil do I use?


  • Alliance Coolant

    With over 40 percent of truck downtime being related to cooling system failure, it doesn't pay to run unproven engine system coolant. Alliance Truck Parts coolant is specially formulated to provide cavitation protection and reduce corrosion throughout your entire coolant system.

    • Formulated with advanced scale-preventing additives and nitrite for superior protection
    • Low silicate and dissolved solids to reduce the chance of clogged coolant and overheating
    • Phosphate-free to reduce the risk of scale trapping in heat and suffocating the engine
    • No demineralized water or initial supplemental coolant additives (SCA) required
    • Formulated for heavy-duty applications